Collagen from fish scales: why and what for?
Studies conducted in Tokyo medical university showed the advantages of F-Collagen taken from the scales
of freshwater fish.
In the life of a human, since ancient times, there were used products containing collagen: the person usually gets it from consumption of animal products, like beef and pork.
But ever since then, a human began to bet sick with diseases, transmitted from mammals. Fish sources began to get more attention, due to its safety and reliability. Since the process of fish evolution and human evolution differs very strongly, the viruses cannot be transmitted from fish to a human.
Besides, it's been knows that the fish scale almost doesn't have any fat, it doesn't accumulate heavy metals, antibiotics and other harmful substances, which makes the production of F-Collagen the highest purity.
For the manifestation of excellent biological effect, this spiral structure is highly important. Although, this structure disintegrates when heated and collagen turns into a gelatin. After that, it's impossible to restore the original molecular structure.
More than that, although low-molecular peptides of collagen are widely used in food products, they are more likely to give amino acid effect and not a collagen. Accordingly, to get a maximum effect of collagen, it's necessary to extract the collagen without destroying the structure of spiral from three chains, and our company achieved success in creation of such technology when extracting collagen from the fish scales.
Percentage of absorption of F-Collagen is very high. The temperature of cow's or pig's body is about 40C, while fish's is about 8-9C. This is why fish's collagen dissolves and gets absorbed in a human's body much faster.
Fish's collagen is conducted from skin, bones and scales of fish. F-Collagen is prepared from scales of fish but it nearly doesn't have any fat. So, there isn't any danger that the human body will accumulate dioxin and endocrine disruptor, our product is absolutely safe for the human's health.
Comparing to animal collagen, the protein, which is the base for fish collagen, breaks down faster and already in the digestive system is converted into simple amino acids.
F-Collagen satisfies consumer needs in highly effective, safe and reliable collagen:
Due to the fact that we could solve the problem of production technology, we created a product that can be used in food as well as in cosmetic products, and can be applied in laboratory studies of cell culture.
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