Scientific studies
The Professor of Department of Environmental Sciences, Sato Kenji, from the University of Prefecture of Kyoto, stated
that F-Collagen will make your skin beautiful and will contribute to quick regeneration of skin integument after traumas.
The protein, and collagen, in the first place, are broken down in the digestive tract into amino acids and get absorbed by the organism, after which they participate in the formation of human body proteins. But, the significant part of the amino acids included in the collagen, which enters the body with food, is not absorbed. For this reason, the use of peptide collagen internally with food should not make any cosmetic effect on the condition of the skin. To check this claim, we took a small portion of drinkable collagen (10-20gr) and then did the blood test to check the absorption of collagen peptides.
When analyzing the structure we found prolyl-hydroxyproline (Pro-Hyp) consisting of two amino acids. In special conditions, this Pro-Hyp helps the increase of collagen-forming fibroblasts, which form the collagen.
When studying this effect on the cells of mouse's skin, we found out that fibroblasts that promote wound healing through the collagen production, concentrated more actively in the zone of damage.
We may conclude that when using the peptide collagen it's possible to achieve cosmetic effect, since peptides, which activate fibroblasts, remain in the blood for a long time.
What are the distinctive features of F-Collagen, received from the scales of fish?
It's the absence of additives in collagen, received from the scales of fish.
We don't use preservatives, colorings or flavor additives. We have a unique method of collagen extraction because we don't use hydrochloric acid, since the scale of the fish practically doesn't have any animal fat. Thanks to this, our product can be used by pregnant and breast feeding women without worry about the fact that the product might contain harmful substances such as residual chlorine, hormones or dioxin.

Three chains twisted into a spiral.
The base of F-Collagen is three chains of polypeptides twisted into a spiral. In the process of collagen extraction, this structure is usually broken, but in F-Collagen, this structure is kept!
Due to the unique technology, amazing properties of collagen aren't destroyed and kept in the finished product.

Without taste or smell.
F-Collagen doesn't have any specific smell or taste. It can be bravely added to any drinks that you usually drink. Every day you can enjoy the new mix and you will never get tired of it! F-Collagen can be added to juice, water and any type of food that you eat every day.
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